Educational Services
Fund Speaker Grants - The Foundation also endows honorarium for speakers for educational programs benefiting parks and
recreation professionals.  Annually, the Foundation provides resources that secure speakers for the Texas Recreation and Park Society
Trust Services
Fiduciary Services / Holding Cash - The trust function also includes holding cash for parks and recreation purposes.  This includes
endowment funds, donations, and earnings.
Al Johnson, Treasurer
Richardson, Texas 75081
Jack O. Ashworth Jr. and Sr. Scholarship - The
Texas Parks & Recreation Foundation proudly offers the
Jack O. Ashworth Jr. and Sr. Scholarship for collegiate parks
and recreation students.  The scholarship is named in
honor of Jack O. Ashworth, an outstanding and dedicated
park and recreation professional and his son.  Jack Sr. has
the distinction of being the only professional to serve three
terms as President of the Texas Recreation and Park
Society.  Jack Sr., who earned a Bachelor of Science degree
in Agricultural Economics and Sociology from Texas A&M in
1942, joined the Fort Worth Parks Department as Deputy
Director in 1964 and retired in 1988 as Acting Director

Annual Scholarship Amount: $1,000

For Information contact:  
Texas Recreation and Park Society
(TRAPS)  by phone at 512.267.5550.
Temporary Ownership of Real Property: The Texas Parks & Recreation Foundation is authorized to act as a holding agent for real
property that will eventually become public parks and open space.  .Often, a land owner desires to divest of land in an expedient manner for
tax purposes or other personal reasons.  The Foundation can take possession of the property and hold it in trust until such time as a local
government is ready to accept and dedicate the land for park or preservation purposes.

The arrangement gives the property owner the benefit of immediate tax benefits, while protecting the potential of the land for future public
purposes.  It also allows the future government owner time to arrange financial resources and to gain needed public process approvals to
prepare for the private to public transfer.

State regulations do not allow the use of government-owned park property as an in-kind match for park development grants.  By holding title
to property during the grant review process, the Foundation makes it possible for the recipient city to utilize the value of the property and
maintain its eligibility for grant assistance.

The Foundation charges $300 per year, per land parcel during the trust holding period to cover administrative expenses, and requires
reimbursement for the direct costs of property transfer, insurance, maintenance, and bookkeeping.
recipient of the 2014 Jack O.
Ashworth Jr. and Sr.

is seen here (on the left)
accepting his check from Steve
Patton at the 2014 TRAPS
Institute in Corpus Christi, TX.

to Austin!
Applications now being accepted through February 16,
2015, for the Jack O. Ashworth Jr. and Sr. Scholarship